Time for action. AAPI on the move. Be a part of it.


We appeal all the members of AAPI to give donation to the victims of this natural disaster in Texas. Please write a check to AAPI or donate online.  AAPI has already collected close to $20,000 in first twenty four hours of the campaign and many pledges are pouring in every hour. We truly appreciate the generosity of AAPI members who are so  committed and supporting this Fund raising campaign. 

I request all AAPI members to spread the message of Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and request friends and family to donate generously. 

How to Donate
Your Donations are Tax Deductible
Please donate generously.
Please make your check payable to
American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
and mail it to:
AAPI Headquarters
600 Enterprise Dr., Ste 108, Oak Brook, IL 60523


Credit Card or Electronic Check

$5,000 and above Donors

AAPI Charitable Foundation
AAPI Board of Trustees
AAPI Operating Fund


$1,000 and above Donors

Dr. Gautam Samadder, Columbus, OH
Dr. Naresh Parikh, Duluth, GA
Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, Douglas, GA
Dr. Ashok B. Jain, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Dr. Anjana Samadder, Columbus, OH
Dr. Amish Parikh, Orlando, FL
Dr. Manju Sachdev, Victoria, TX
Dr. Kavita Gupta, Cherry Hill, ONJ
Dr. Anjuli Suda, Kinnelon, NJ
Dr. Chandra M Madala, Battle Creek, MI
Dr. Talluri S. Devi, Sugar Land, TX
Dr. Ravi M. Mehta, Fort Smith, AR
Dr. Virender Parekh, Porthuron, MI
Dr. Udaya Shivangi, Ridgeland, MS
Dr. Vinod K. Shah, Hollywood, MD
Dr. Prasad Yitta, Katy, TX
GAPI, Atlanta, GA
IMANE, Boston, MA
Mr. Dinesh Shah, Ekal Vidyalaya
ABC Travels - Mr. Vinod Shah

$500 and above Donors

Dr. Narendra Kumar, Saginaw, MI
Dr. Ranga Reddy, Springfield, IL
Dr. Raghu Grandhige, Tucker, GA
Dr. Soumya Neravetla, Springfield, TX
Dr. Prashant R Gundre, Las Vegas, NV
Dr. Chandrakant Patel, Scottsdale, AZ
Jhaveri Family Foundation, Somerset, NJ
Dr. Bhushan Pandya, Danville, VA
Connecticut Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
Dr. Ajit M. Parekh, Franklin, WI
Dr. Akula V. Krishna, Scotia, NY
Dr. Rajeev Gupta, Bastrop, TX
Dr. Harnath Singh, Flagstaff, AZ
Dr. Bhasker Rai Mehta, Arlington Nephrology, Arlington, TX

Other Donors

Dr. Alagiriswami Venkatesh, Austin, TX
Dr. Arvinder Bir, Barboursville, WV
Dr. Ashish Anand, Ridgeland, MS
Dr. Bharat Chaudry, South Pasadena, CA
Dr. Bipin Patel, Columbus, GA
Dr. Deepak Azad, Floyds Knobs, IN
Dr. E.W. Unnikrishnan, Ashland, KY
Dr. Hitendra Patel, Chesterton, IN
Dr. Hrudaya Nath, Vestavia, AL
Dr. Jai Kumar, Richardson, TX
Dr. K.L.Parthasarathy, Buffalo, NY
Dr. Kovilparambil Antony, Geneva, FL
Dr. & Mrs. Laxmidas Sawkar, Woodbury, MN
Dr. M.H. Vamadeva Murthy, Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Meera Menon, Seffner, FL
Dr. Monika Patel, Powell, OH

Dr. Mukesh Nigam, Danville, VA
Dr. Mukesh Patel, Oak Brook, IL
Dr. P. Prithvi Reddy, Columbia, SC
Dr. Prabhir Mullick, Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Preeti M. Kothari, Boca Raton, FL
Dr. Priyesh T. Thakkar, Linwood, NJ
Dr. Radhu Agrawal, Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Ramesh Karia, Nederland, TX
Dr. Ramesh Shah, Arlington Heights, IL
Dr. Ramamurthy Chirunomula, Wilton, CT
Dr. Ravindra Reddy Kandula, Estero, FL
Dr. Rohit Vakil,
Dr. Seema Arora, Lynnfield, MA
Dr. Shailesh Patel, Columbus, OH
Dr. Shambhavi Chandraiah, Johnson City, TN
Dr. Subbarao Bhimani, Farmingdale, NY
Dr. Suresh J. Penkar, San Clemente, CA
Dr. Suresh Sharoff, Dublin, OH
Dr. Sushama N. Sreekumar, Silver Spring, MD
Dr. T.K. Sreepada Rao, North Woodmere, NY
Dr. Venkatachala Sreenivas, Columbus, OH


Red Cross needs Health Professionals to help victims affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas area with severe winds and catastrophic flooding. This serious natural disaster inflexed a grave loss of lives and property. Our hearts are with the victims of the disaster. Our AAPI members and families were also suffering the damage but  Still, they are coming forward to help the community at large.


At this time of the need, it is our responsibility to provide all the possible assistance to the victims of this grave natural disaster in Texas.

Many AAPI physicians in Texas are serving the victims for next 2-4 weeks. This gives a clear message that we care and we know how to give back to the community. We need more volunteers who are residing in or close to Houston metropolitan area to offer help through Red Cross. Time is of essence here and any help will be highly appreciated.

My sincere appeal to all the AAPI Members to register as a volunteer with RED CROSS.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR Health or Mental Health Professional Volunteer