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AAPI's Global Healthcare Summit 2014 To Be Held in Ahmedabad

Aug 14, 2013

Chicago, IL, July 29th, 2013: The 8th annual Global Healthcare Summit (GHS) 2014, organized by the Association of American Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), will be held at the prestigious Gujarat Convention Center, Ahmedabad, India from January 3rd to 5th, 2014, Dr. Jayesh Shah, president of AAPI, who has just returned from India after a highly successful series of planning sessions, announced here last week. The Summit to be held in collaboration with the Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (GAPIO) and Indian Medical Association (IMA), the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs & Ministry of Health, will have participation from some of the world’s most well known physicians and industry leaders, Dr. Shah added.

While elaborating the objectives of the Summit, Dr. Shah said, “This innovative Summit is aimed at advancing the accessibility, affordability and the quality of world-class healthcare to the people of India. Among other areas, the Summit will focus on prevention, diagnosis, treatment options and share ways to truly improve healthcare transcending global boundaries.”

During his visit to India, the AAPI president was accompanied by Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, president-elect of AAPI and Anwar Feroz, AAPI’s honorary advisor. During the six days whirlwind visit to three cities, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi the trio met more than 40 key stake holders, partners and logistics teams to ensure that the GHS 2014 is flawlessly executed and that AAPI exceeds its objectives to deliver programs geared towards enhancing skills, providing training and enabling exchange of ideas and best practices between leading experts from several countries designed to make quality and affordable healthcare accessible to all people of India.

“AAPI USA has been engaged in harnessing the power of Indian diaspora to bring the most innovative, efficient, cost effective healthcare solutions to India,” Dr. Shah said. “With the changing trends and statistics in healthcare both in India and US, we are refocusing our mission and vision of GHS2014. AAPI would like to make a positive and meaningful impact on the healthcare in India. For the first time, clinical practice workshops and Research Competition will be held at this summit,” he added. 

Healthcare in India is one of the largest sectors, in terms of revenue and employment.  India is making significant improvements in the healthcare infrastructure and is building modern medical facilities throughout India. Indian doctors have made tremendous progress in the 21st century and India is now being touted as a medical tourism hub.

At the same time, hundreds of millions suffer and die as a result of lack of access to healthy living conditions or effective health care provisions in many parts of the world, particularly in India. “The coming together of so many of us today gives hope these individuals and families that they no longer need to despair.” Dr. Jahagirdar said. “Being organized at this critical phase, GHS 2014 is aimed at exploring possibilities for greater collaboration and cooperation between the physicians and health care providers in India with those of Indian origin and major health-care providers abroad,” he explained

According to Anwar Feroz, the Summit has also already attracted several India based professional associations including IMA, MCI, ASI,IPS, APA,API, ICON and IOEA to name a few. In addition, several international healthcare industry partners are looking for opportunities to participate in this event for greater collaboration on Research & Development and philanthropic engagements.

The scientific program of GHS is developed by leading experts with contributions by the Scientific Advisory Board and the International Scientific Committee on topics such as cardiology, maternal and child health, diabetes, oncology, surgery, mental health, immunology & lung health, HIT, allergy and the impact of co-morbidities. The Summit will feature plenary sessions, interactive round tablets, clinical practice workshops, and meet the expert sessions, along with scientific poster sessions that will facilitate dissemination and exchange of best practices.

Introducing a pilot project in Gujarat, AAPI is bringing ACLS and BCLS in Medical Education curriculum, teaching BCLS to police staff as first responders. More than 100 opinion leaders and expert speakers across the globe will present cutting edge scientific findings related to clinical practice.  As part of the CEO Forum in Ahmedabad, CEOs from around the world from hospitals, teaching institutions and major healthcare sectors, including pharmaceutical, medical devices and technology, will join to explore potential opportunities for collaboration.

This international health care summit is a progressive transformation from the first Indo-US Healthcare Summit launched by AAPI USA in 2007. Since then, AAPI has organized seven Indo - US/Global Healthcare Submits and developed strategic alliances with various organizations. It is these learning and relationships that have now enabled us to plan ahead and prepare for an outstanding event that has already received confirmation and endorsement from over 300 very prominent and talented physicians and surgeons that are very passionate about serving their homeland, Mother India.

Invited guests of honor & chief patrons include past President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam; Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs & Minister of Civil Aviation, Vayalar Ravi;  Health Minister of India, Ghulam Nabi Azad; and Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi.


During their visit, they had fruitful meetings with Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, Health Secretary of Gujarat, Dr. R. K. Patel, CEO of U. N. Mehta Institute, Dr Keyur Parikh, CEO CIMS in Gujarat and with high ranking officials in New Delhi, including India’s Cabinet Minister, Vayalar Ravi.  

At the Steering Committee meeting and attended, among others by Deans from five Medical Colleges in Gujarat and core team members of the organizing committee for GHS 2014, members reviewed the progress of the Summit and identified ways for closing any gaps. It was agreed that the workshops currently being developed are meeting the requirements for the local population. In addition, MMR/IMR was identified as an area that needs extra effort for Gujarat.

According to Dr. Shah, the Health Secretary is working on getting 500 of the Primary Health Center Doctors to attend GHS 2014. “The Deans were very pleased to see the announcement for the Research Competition for Medical Residents, Fellows and Students and agreed to promote this within their respective schools,” Dr. Shah, who hails from the state of Gujarat, said.

During the strategic planning session with high ranking Indian officials, including Federal Ministers, physicians and industry leaders, it was recommended to invite some of India’s leading research hospitals and educational institutions. Promptly responding to Dr. Shah’s appeal, the Indian Railway Ministry has agreed to provide two special coaches during Gujarat tour on the Rann Express exclusively for GHS 2014 delegates at very special rates. 

The AAPI leaders along with Dr. Ronak Shah made a reconnaissance visit to Mumbai for the Global Summit in 2015, holding 23 meetings and visiting eight potential sites for a feasibility study, in addition to meeting with Maharashtra state officials, including state Ministers, education  and industry leaders as well as local event planners. “The exchange of ideas were very encouraging, and their thoughts and opinions were noted for guidance,” Dr. Jahagirdar said. “The responses at all levels was immensely gratifying, and the communications will continue.” 


“In less than a week, in three major cities of India, we had highly successful three strategic planning sessions, meetings with federal and state Ministers, leading experts, educators, policy makers and association heads,” Dr. Shah elaborated. “This has clearly demonstrated the respect, appreciation and commitment for AAPI and its members. We continue to make significant progress towards our commitment to our former homeland. Come and join this great effort and make the 2014 GHS in Ahmedabad a tremendous success.”
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