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GSK, the makers of alli® (orlistat 60mg capsules) is proud to provide information and resources on overweight and obesity. alli® is approved for weight loss in overweight adults (18 and older) when used along with a reduced-calorie and low fat diet. alli ®comes with a free behavioral support plan that was created by world-leading experts in weight loss.

In this section you will find 4 clinical backgrounders that highlight some of the clinical data for alli®. You will also find the alli® Gateway which contains five modules. The modules contain the following:

Module 1
  • Problem and prevalence of obesity and overweight
  • Economic and social costs
  • Health risks of overweight and obesity
  • Visceral fat and the health consequences
Module 2
  • Benefits of weight loss
  • Plans on how sustain weight loss
  • Diet and exercise tips
Module 3
  • An overview of the regulatory process for drug approval
  • An overview of dietary supplements and programs that make weight loss claims
Modules 4 &5
  • Provide an overview of the efficacy, safety, and how to use for alli® efficacy, safety, and an overview of the Behavioral Support Plan
For more information on alli or to speak with someone from GSK, please call:
1-877-GSKalli (1.877.475.2554).

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To speak with a GSK or alli representative for further questions, call 1-877-GSKalli (1.877.475.2554).

The alli Gateway


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