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BOT Chair Message

I am honored and excited to serve as 2016-17 Chair, BOT of AAPI. It is a privilege and I appreciate the trust and confidences placed in me to perform this role.  BOT is required to advise the AAPI in its fiscal matters and welfare. BOT is charged with the responsibility of proper management of endowment fund of AAPI and for long range planning. BOT consists of 9 members with 3 members being elected for a three year term each and Immediate past President of YPS and MSRF serve as nonvoting members for 1 year term. Immediate past chair of BOT also serves as a nonvoting member.

AAPI is the largest ethnic medical association in the USA and works
with other medical societies here and in India.  AAPI has been a unified voice of 60,000 practicing physicians as well as 20,000 medical students and residents all across the USA. It remains financially sound and physically robust.


I also want to thank all the trustees of BOT for their dedication and support.


Madhu Aggarwal, MD

AAPI BOT Chairperson 2016-17