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Start a Chapter

Starting a New AAPI Chapter in your area is an easy process. Follow the steps listed below and find out how to bring your local physicians community together:

Step 1

   Discuss with Regional Director and President of AAPI that this area has necessity for forming a new chapter  

Step 2

   Do Initial Meeting with local Leaders and AAPI Regional Director 

Step 3

   Make a list of 50 AAPI Members 

Step 4

   Form your local chapter bylaws

   You can form your bylaws based on AAPI bylaws. Bylaws are on our website. www.aapiusa.org

   Register as Non Profit Charitable Organization

   Please see your Accountant or call AAPI office if you need help

Step 5

   Do your first meeting

   Elect your Officers and Board Members

Now you are ready to submit your application to the AAPI office

  • Keep your Regional Director informed
  • Send List of 50 AAPI Members
  • Bylaws of Local Chapter
  • Articles of Incorporation of Local Chapter
  • List of Officers
  • Last but not the least - send your Check to AAPI. $100 for annual membership and $500 for life membership 

Now you are ready for Governing Body to approve your Chapter.

 AAPI Governing Body by majority vote has to approve the Chapter