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The AAPCIO clinic provides free medical care every Thursday from 5pm to 8:30 pm. Without an appointment, patients have access to physicians from various specialities including internal medicine, pediatrics, and medical sub-specialties. Services include not only lab testing, electrocardiogram, and pulmonary function testing but also electronic medical records to provide personalized health care and disease counseling for heart disease and diabetes.
The clinic is located at Bharatiya Hindu Temple on 3671 Hyatts Road, Powell, Ohio 43065.
Temple and community volunteers provide support and resources. Facilities are provided by the Bharatiya Hindu Temple allowing simultaneous practice of up to four physicians. 

If you wish to volunteer and help the Columbus Community in any way, please contact: 

Raj Tripathi MD aapioclinic@yahoo.com
Prabha Tripathi MD aapioclinic@yahoo.com
Raju Gaglani MD aapioclinic@yahoo.com

Thanking you for your support,

Raj Tripathi MD

 "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatama Gandhi