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Why Join Us

Here are some good reasons to join us:

  • Our strength is in being together.
  • AAPICO provides a tool for alumni to renew old friendship and contact with colleagues from many medical schools from India.
  • AAPICO directory provides a helpful guide to seek consultation and provide referral to many qualified physicians.
  • AAPICO directory search might find someone - you don’t even know - living in your neighborhood who went to the same medical school or belongs to the same town where you grew up.
  • The AAPI Journal, a bimonthly publication, keeps our readers informed as to association activities, news from Washington, DC and issues of concern to our membership.
  • Members enjoy alumni meetings, reunions and programs while earning CME credits and networking among professional colleagues.
  • A completely renovated website will allow alumni to interact with their colleagues, re-establish friendships, make new friends, sign up for alumni events and keep up-to-date with whatever new is happening with this large group of physicians with common interest.
  • Professional help from colleagues may be just a click away at our new website.
  • Politically inspired physicians have a chance to run for various offices and show their leadership talent as well as the commitment to the organization and it goals.
  • Various awards are given to deserving young and established physicians of Indian origin.
  • Young physicians can look for information and support from more “matured” members during their transitions from medical student, to residency, to fellowship and into establishing a new private or academic practice.
  • If you are at a stage that you wish to give back to your community and the country, AAPICO may provide an organized platform to make things easier for you.
  • Members may be able to benefit for many of their everyday financial needs such as auto leasing, car rental, banks, credit cards, travel and hotel, professional liability and other insurance, office supplies, and telecommunication, etc. through AAPICO’s relationship with many organizations offering such services.
  • Best of all, you will find many like-minded people within AAPICO.

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