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Introduction to CME Program by Dr. Tarun Mehra

CME talk 10/21/17 New Perspectives in Pain -Dr Shruti Kapoor

Comments by Dr Bipin Shah/Start of CME talk by Cardiologist Dr Billikanty

CME Talk 10/21/17 Dr Shreedhar Billakanty Anticoagulation in Atrial Fib

Introduction of Dr Anita Somani by Dr Tarun Mehra

CME talk 10/21/17 Menopause by Dr Anita Somani

CME talk 10/21/17 General EKG Interpretation by Dr Jason Evanchan

Start of AAPI Central Ohio 2017 Charity Gala- Introduction - Dr Sandhya Agochiya

AAPI Central Ohio Charity Gala Presidential Address- Dr Nikesh Batra

Keynote speaker Eddie George Introduced by Dr Sandhya Agochiya at 2017 Charity Gala

Eddie George Part 1

Eddie George Part 2

Feb 2017 Annual Gala Hollywood Casino- Video courtesy of Sia Digital