Ajay Lodha, MD


Sanjeevani Jain, MD


Ravindra R. Jahagirdar, MD


Jayesh B. Shah, MD


Narendra Kumar, MD


Sunita Kanumury, MD


Ajeet Singhvi, MD


Vinod K. Shah, MD


Sanku Surender Rao, MD


Hemant Patel, MD


S. Balasubramaniam, MD


Vijay N Koli, MD


Jagan M. Ailinani, MD


Sharad Lakhanpal, MD


Kiran C. Patel, MD


S. Jay Jayasankar, MD


Dayan A. Naik, MD


Satya P. Ahuja, MD


Kalpalatha K. Guntupalli, MD


Ranga V Reddy, MD


Vinod Sawhney, MD


C.Venkata S. Ram, MD


Gopal Lalmalani, MD


George Thomas, MD


Apparao Mukkamala, MD


Vijay Kulkarni, MD


Sarjit Singh, MD


Navin C. Nanda, MD


Suvas G. Desai, MD, MBA


Jagan R. Kakarala, MD


Roshan Lal, MD


Navin Shah, MD


Ujamlal Kothari, MD


Dr. Seema Jain, AAPI Immediate Past President and a Board Certified Psychiatrist, is the President of Highland Psychiatric Associates & Medical Director of the NJ ADHD Center, practicing for the last 23 years in New Jersey. Dr. Jain had served as Chief of Psychiatry at Newton Memorial Hospital.

A new Executive Committee led by Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar as President, assumed charge of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) during the 32nd annual convention in San Antonio, TX on Saturday, June 28th, 2014. In his inaugural address, Dr. Jahagirdar, who rose through the ranks of AAPI after being a member of AAPI and in almost every body of AAPI in the past 15 years, stated that he believes that he can “only enhance further the good work I have seen carried out by a legion of great AAPI Officers and Members.”

A leader with deep commitment for AAPI and its members, Dr. Jahagirdar, a Urologist from Florida wants AAPI to be an all inclusive organization that is nurtured by the collective efforts of its members. "Our Shakti is you the Members, and I want you to get involved at any level. We, the AAPI troops are passionate, and we will welcome participation of all medical and nonmedical organizations and individuals, as AAPI builds a solid organizational fortress for the future.”

His vision for AAPI focuses on five vital areas, Dr. Jahagirdar told the AAPI delegates: Education, Community/Charitable service, Member Support Programs, Mentorship and the Mantle, and Legislative Action. Mentoring the younger AAPI Member and Officer is critical for our sustenance.” He believes that Legislative actions are vital to effect change, and “AAPI should continue its traditional efforts, as well as work with other organizations for causes of mutual interest.”

According to Dr. Jahagirdar, “AAPI capped the voluminous achievements of the past year with a splendid Convention in San Antonio. The new Officers for AAPI 2014 – ‘15 were installed and I have the pleasure and honor of introducing this team of accomplished individuals to you, the Members of AAPI. They have only AAPI’s interests to serve, and have the proven ability to do so. We all wish them well in the execution of their duties.”

Dr. Jayesh Shah, the Immediate past president of AAPI, “will continue to assist President in all his endeavors; I will also continue to work on the new initiatives started last year.” In his final address as president of AAPI Dr. Shah attributed the successful term to the contributions of its members. “We do not view successful AAPI year through the limited prism of one year. It is a golden opportunity to strengthen and expand the organization for years to come. AAPI’s success this year is the story of the hard work of each and every AAPI member who has selflessly set out to create a better AAPI for future generations.

AAPI Past President Dr Narendra Kumar was honored with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, the Government of India's highest civilian honor for non-resident Indians in Kochi, India on January 9th, 2013 during the 11th annual Parvasi Bharatiya Divas.

Dr. Ajeet Singhvi, Chairman, Board of Trustees, has a Board Certification in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics. Practicing Gastroenterologist at Hemet, CA, serving on Riverside County Medical Association Board. He has been the Chair - Site Selection Committee (2003-040 and was elected President of AAPI in 201-11. AS Chair of AAPI, he wants to help AAPI fulfill the mission and goals of the organization, while managing Endowment Funds of AAPI and empowering membership in the decision making process and restore AAPI’s image.

Dr. Hemant Patel, a former president of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) and a recipient of this year’s Ellis Island Medal of Honor, says he is humbled and honored to hear the news. “The award will help my resolve to do more for the US and India and make the two nations a happy place to live under the sun. I firmly believe that every citizen should give back to the community by way of saying thanks. But for the community, society and nation we would be nowhere,” he said. “I thank Bob Miglani of Pfizer who recommended my name for the award.”
As President of AAPI between 2007-2008, Dr Patel worked hard to bring the physicians of both nations together on a common platform and that resulted in the first Indo-US Healthcare Summit in New Delhi.
Dr. Patel, Chairman of the AAPI Charitable Foundation of the Federation of AAPI Physicians of New York and New Jersey, is responsible for implementing the Sevak project in Gujarat where the foundation has adopted at least one village in every district to screen all the people and provide total healthcare to the needy and the poor. His stewardship in AAPI is being considered as a golden period. As founding chairman of the Indian American Committee, Dr. Patel helped bring the people of India and the US together. He was also invited as a guest speaker and delegate at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas conference in New Delhi in January 2010.
A pulmonary critical care specialist in Essex County in New Jersey, Dr. Patel is working on setting up 60 free dialysis centers in India to treat critically renal failure patients under the aegis of AAPI Foundation and Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. By Prakash M Swamy

AAPI Past President Dr. Kalpalatha Guntupalli recieved the very prestigious award during the PBD ceremonies in Jaipur her contributions in the field of medicine and for outstanding public service. The Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award (PBSA) is the highest honour conferred on overseas Indians. PBSA is conferred by the President of India as a part of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) Conventions organized annually since 2003 on a Non-Resident Indian, Person of Indian Origin or an organization or institution established and run by the Non-Resident Indians or Persons of Indian Origin, who has made significant contribution in any one of many fields.

Dr.C.Venkata S.Ram a founding member of AAPI and its former president has been conferred the prestigious “PADMASHRI” award by the Government of India for his “distinguished” and “impactful” services in the field of medicine on the eve of “Republic Day” 2013. Indian government bestows civilian awards annually to people from various walks of life. PADMA SHRI is considered as one of the highest recognitions in the country.
Dr.Ram served in AAPI in various capacities and serves as its president in 1995-1996; he has helped AAPI in many ways for a long time—membership drive, CME, public relations, and governance. Dr. Ram’s professional career has established him as recognized global expert in the treatment of hypertension; he worked for a long time at University of Texas Southwestern medical school, Dallas, Texas, where he earned a reputation as a master clinician, excellent teacher, and a careful researcher. Along with renowned Dr.Norman Kaplan, he has contributed immensely to our understanding of the patho-physiology and treatment of hypertension. Dr.Ram has published 310 articles and co-authored a book along with Dr.Kaplan. After his long tenure at UT Southwestern medical school , Dr. Ram joined Dallas Nephrology Associates as its director of blood pressure institute, medical education, and clinical research; and is now a consultant to DNA . For over 3 decades, Dr. Ram vigorously advocated preventive cardiology in India by controlling hypertension and other risk factors. At present, he is serving as the President and C.E.O of MediCiti Medical College, MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences, and MediCiti group of hospitals, Hyderabad, INDIA.

Past President Dr. Gopal Lalmalani (1994-95) on winning the position of Village President (Mayor) of Oak Brook, Illinois, home to the AAPI Headquarters. With his strong campaign platform and community support he defeated the incumbent in a close race this Tuesday.

He campaigned on the promise to bring honesty and integrity back to the Village. Dr. Lalmalani stated "A lot of work needs to be done and we will do it," he said. "I take my responsibilities very seriously and we will work hard to bring Oak Brook back to pre-eminent status."

We are very proud of our member's achievements.

George Thomas MD is a practicing cardiologist and is co-founder of Bradenton Cardiology Center, a comprehensive cardiology center with twelve-physicians providing cardiac care to patients in the Manatee-Sarasota area. He served as its president and CEO from inception until 2007. He is an active staff member at Manatee Memorial Hospital and Blake Medical Center in Bradenton, FL.

Dr. Thomas received his medical training at the Medical College Kottayam, University of Kerala in southern India, medical residency at South Baltimore General Hospital, and cardiology training at the New Jersey College of Medicine. His professional credentials include certification in the American Board of Internal Medicine, in the subspecialty Board of Cardiovascular Diseases and fellowship in the American College of Cardiology.

Active in medical staff and organized medicine, Dr. Thomas served as Chief of Staff, Chief of Medicine and member of the Board of Directors of Manatee Memorial Hospital. He was also chair of the Cardiology Committee, Open Heart Committee at the hospital and co-Director of the Manatee Heart Center. He was the president of the Manatee County Medical Society, member of its Board of Directors, delegate to the Florida Medical Association, and member of the Board of Directors of FMA and FLAMPAC.

At the national level, he has served as the chair of the International Medical Graduates section of AMA, a member of the IMG section council, and AMA delegate, and co-Vice Chair of the FMA delegation to the AMA. He is involved in several ethnic professional societies, and has served as the president and trustee of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin [AAPI], representing over 50,000 Indian American physicians in the United States.

Dr. Navin C. Nanda, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Heart Station/ Echocardiography Laboratories at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, a nationally and internationally renowned cardiologist, was selected by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) to receive one of their Distinguished Awards, the 2010 International Service Award.Dr. Navin Nanda has had a distinguished career as a master teacher, pioneer and innovator in various aspects of echocardiography and clinical and preventive cardiology. He has been recognized with unique honors by cardiology and echocardiography societies of many diverse countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. He has also received awards from the Governments of several countries for outstanding contributions in cardiology. He has presided over more than 16 World Congresses of Echocardiography and World Congresses of Cardiology during his distinguished career. He has trained thousands of physicians, echocardiographers and technologists not only in this country but also several other countries throughout the world including India and has conducted teaching conferences at least three times a year in this country and several conferences in other parts of the world. He has served with distinction as the Editor-in-Chief of the Echocardiography Journal for the past 20 years. He has published nearly 1000 papers including 10 books on echocardiography some of which have been translated into French, Greek and Spanish. In addition, he has to his credit several teaching video-textbooks and CDs. He has also given over 2000 scientific lectures and Visiting Professorships.In addition to being a full Professor at the University, he also holds the title of Senior Scientist at the Minority Health and Research Center, Senior Scientist at the Center for Health Promotion in the School of Public Health and Senior Scientist at the Center for Aging in the same University. He is the Founder and President of the International Society of Cardiovascular Ultrasound, Past President of the Society of Geriatric Cardiology, Past President of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and the Founding President of the American Association of Cardiologists of Indian Origin. He was awarded the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2006. In addition to many pioneering contributions in echocardiography, he also led a mammoth task of organizing the first ever large scale survey of Asian Indians settled in the USA for the prevalence of various diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary artery disease and found the prevalence of these diseases higher than in other USA ethnic groups and higher than in Indians living in India. Some of the citations he has received have named him “The World’s best and most respected echocardiographer” (from Chinese Society of Ultrasound in Medicine) and “unique in that he has become a legend in his own time” whose “pioneering work has significantly altered the way cardiology is practiced in the world today” (from Brazilian Society of Cardiology). He has been cited in the book “The Best Doctors in America” consistently every year since 1994. He was also the first recipient of the Tufts University (Boston) Award in echocardiography. He was honored as the “Prince of Echocardiography of the Heart” by the Italian Society of Echocardiography. This unique award had not been given to anyone in the past. He was also the recipient of the Andreas Gruntzig Award presented by the Swiss Society of Cardiology.

Dr. Nanda said, “He was most proud and at the same time most humbled by these two Outstanding Awards given only a month apart by two very prestigious groups in India”.
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