Chair, Board of Trustees Message

Thank you for the honor of serving as the chairman of the AAPI Board of trustee 2018–2019. I am humbled by the faith you have in me. In this next year, my efforts and passion will be directed solely for what is best for AAPI. This organization has and will continue to bring us all together, and together, we will continue to grow and develop the organization’s strengths with a clear vision of creating a promising future for all members. I seek to engage and involve all millennial physicians for
membership in AAPI.

Through enthusiastic member participation, AAPI will transform to become a more effective and dynamic organization, embracing the voices and expressions of both new and legacy members.

This transformation will not be easy; we must unify AAPI, utilize resources efficiently, and improve bylaws. These changes will lead to more effective and entertaining conventions, economic stability and improved regional leadership cooperation.

Without the support and encouragement from donors and members, AAPI could not have achieved the historical successes of the past, but complacency is something none of us has ever sought, nor been comfortable with. I am proud to report that the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee for 2018-2019 embody this spirit and have hit the ground running for CHANGE. This has been a learning and adjustment for myself and my peers.

My hope is for you all to have an enjoyable, uplifting and thought provoking year with AAPI; central to these opportunities is member engagement, and as your AAPI leadership group, we can serve you better when we have more active members to listen and learn from.

With these thoughts, I welcome you to AAPI and request your active participation

Thank you for your support,

Ajeet Kothari, MD