President’s Acceptance Speech

Honorable President Dr. Guatam Samadder, Honorable Ambassador Counsel General Sandeep Chakravorty and honored dignitaries, AAPI guests and friends,
I Thank you all for this unique opportunity of addressing all that sit here in assembly tonight.

I am both humbled and honored by the tremendous confidence you have all shown in me to lead our prestigious organization which has been so dear to me for so many years. Thank You.

I have enjoyed serving AAPI for all these years and it was a true pleasure this past year working in close association with President Dr. Samadder. I have learned much from him and offer that as a Compliment for his achievements for AAPI. Please, let’s all give him a big hand.

First, I want to thank my extended family at GAPI and GGDDA who have always supported me unconditionally and were always with me in all of tough times. I would also like to thank all my friends, My Family, with whose good wishes I am standing in front of you.

In my several years as an officer of AAPI, I have seen many changes and I truly believe that constructive change is crucial for the association and its membership to continue to evolve and better itself.

They say an organization is only as strong as its members make it and our AAPI membership is an incredible group of dedicated passionate individuals. I would like to congratulate the members of AAPI for their strength and the support they have given in its wings of flight.

Without your encouragement, loyalty and passion we could not be where we are today.
Please take a moment to honor our members with a round of applause.

Together our voice can be heard, and we can make the change we need to see in our world As your president I plan to invoke this year as the year of progress and balance.”

As Gandhiji stated “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” Heeding his advice, I intend to devote this year by serving my time and commitment to betterment of AAPI.

AAPI has made great progress from a fledging association of the 1980s to what you see today, a robust, powerful medical organization in our country.

But we are poised to do so much more, and we owe it to our country United States and motherland India.

Congratulations to the members of AAPI, my past presidents / bots who worked selflessly and tirelessly for the strength, support and the wind beneath the Wings of AAPI. Without you, AAPI does not fly!

From an organizational standpoint my vision for AAPI is to help retain existing members. I would like to establish a program to encourage dormant members and senior members to stay active. The wisdom and experience in our senior leaders is crucial to helping our next generation of leaders evolve.

I would like to work towards solid membership benefits to possibly include disability insurance, Malpractice, Life Insurance and workmen comp insurance.

Our strength lies in our numbers and if we can negotiate as a group, we will have a better ground to stand on for all our members.

In addition, there is my APPI Overseas Agenda for the coming year.
I would like to promote the honorable Prime Minister Modi’s Campaign for TB free India by 2025. Currently India identifies close to 250,000 active cases of Tuberculosis each year. I would like to offer a special thanks to Dr Manoj Jain and Anwar Ferozee for taking the lead on this project. Helping our homeland to rid itself of a world epidemic truly fits in our mission as physicians of Indian origin and allows us to take our rightful place as leaders in global medicine. As leaders of this special project.

I have made the Rajkot City in Gujarat as my personal promotion as “TB Free City” and Dr. Raj Bhayani has initiated TB Free Varanasi.

I would like to continue the work initiated by past president Dr Ravi Jahagirdar on Traumatic Brain Injury as we all know India is leading capital of roadside auto accidents resulting in deaths.

I would also continue to support past president Dr Narendra Kumar’s project of Dr Ramesh Kumar foundation for trauma rescue initiative in Kerala.

I would like to thank Chairperson Dr Himanshu Pandya and advisor Dr. Ajay Lodha for North Europe tour.

I want to personally invite you for our Global Health summit December 28-30 at Trident Oberoi Nariman Point Mumbai. You will be amazed by the wonderful program planned for you by Chair Dr Ravi Jahagirdar and Co Chair Dr Bhayani, advisor Dr Ajay Lodha, Dr Vinod Shah and you will have spectacular New Year’s Eve in Goa.

Within the United States our home, I am impassioned to tackle the National Opioid Crisis which is a burning issue. Last year alone sixty thousand people died with opioid overdose.
Our first rollout of the program will commence in my home City of Atlanta on July 14th.

Much Thanks to Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Kavita Gupta for their tireless work as well as the entire GAPI team for bringing this issue to the forefront and creating awareness in community.

I would also like to continue to support of the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society which was Launched this year by Dr. VK Shah and his family and successfully raised over $413,000 with much thanks and generosity of the members of AAPI.

An honorable organization that is bettering the lives of so many cancer patients throughout the country, LLS and AAPI together can help to find a cure.

My sincerest thanks to Dr. Gautam Samadder and Dr. Amit Chakrabarty for supporting noble cause.

I would also continue to support the childhood and Veteran obesity program started by Dr. Jayesh Shah and Dr Gautam Sammader.

Finally, I will be working on Atherosclerosis prevention and education within Indian population, which is also very dear to me. Georgia Clinic will be doing research on patients in Atlanta Metro.

I pay my regards to my respected parents whose blessings have always showered on me.

Thanks to Dr Asha Parikh who have always been my great supporter, my enthusiasm and have always been with me in my good and bad days.

I would like to thank my children Mona, Anand and Nirav.

This convention will not be successful without acknowledging our sponsors and supporters such as Encore, Medtronic, Eli Lilly, PatientPoint and many more.

Thanks to my Executive Committee Dr Suresh Reddy, Dr Sudhakar Jonalagadda, Dr Anupama Gotimukula, Dr Anjana Sammader, Dr Ajeet Kothari, Dr Praveen Arla, Dr Prachi Dua and our AAPI Associate Director Vijaya Kodali.

I would like to end my remark by quote from Confucius,

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” Let us all try and keep our lives simple, our relationships cordial and congenial so our friendships remain everlasting.

Ladies and gentleman, Let this year be a year of unity, progress and balance. Let us set aside all our differences and we all pledge to unite and work together as one team for betterment of AAPI and keep AAPI in balance.

Thank you, God Bless you all. Good Night.